Sunday, October 5, 2014

Concept for Child Care and why I feel it is needed.....

I can’t remember a time in my life where I haven’t been around children. I love the whimsy, the sense of nothing to worry about or fear, the ability to let loose and do twirls in the middle of a crowded room, mud in between your toes, wind in your hair and not responsibilities to manage. The simple pleasures of playing were fulfilling back then, when not having one specific color crayon was the end of my entire world. Those were simply amazing days! Fact is we grow up too fast; those days go by before you know it and next you’re looking at an apartment, paying bills and playing grown-up.

               I love being able to sit down and make a picture with the kids, get my fingers in the clay and make a wobbly horse/satyr type thing, creating homemade cards, learning, playing and growing with them. I believe the only way to make a better future is by jumping in and making those changes needed – not waiting for someone else to start.

               Facts are as is; The Earth we have is being depleted and we (none of us) have a plan B. We NEED to do something to prevent our grandchildren from not being able to enjoy the things we do. The Grand Canyon, lakes, fishing, the glaciers, ozone, animals all of these things are at risk by our wasteful behaviors. I simply want to instill the concept of looking around, instead of buying new all of the time, see if there is anything around you that you can turn it into what you’d like from what you have. Guiding into ‘waste not - want not’ at an early age, by showing that you can still do what you’d like in life but in a less wasteful manner. Instead of spending $60.00 on Play-Doh for 5 lb.’s I can buy a 5 lb. bag of flour, add water, baking soda and for ingredients less than $12.84 I have home-made dye free Play-Doh. Bird houses, scrap wood from an old deck removal supplied enough materials for 6 birdhouses. I re-use all newspaper and papers materials for craft projects. I have blue-prints for a pond made of old waterbed liners and old tires. I also have a water system I’m researching to take rain water run-off, into pond and from pond will run off into the garden providing the fertilizer from the fish and growing better plants.

               I sincerely feel that we all need to make a change, now I understand that we have to work and we can’t absolutely everything on our own but I want to help you raise your children making this earth a better home for us all.